"People who worked out more than 100 days throughout the year had a 30 percent reduction in sick days." Training, Feb 2003



Exercise Keeps The Mind Healthy
New research from the University of Florida indicates that moderate amounts of physical activity will not only benefit your muscles and cardiovascular system, but will also allow your brain to continue to function at a high level as you age. Researchers examined the effects of lifelong moderate exercise in rats, and found that those rats that exercised consistently throughout their lifespan showed healthier DNA and more robust brain cells than their sedentary counterparts. Data from the study indicates that oxidative damage can be prevented by regular participation in moderate amounts of exercise. Scientists agree that oxidative damage in the brain is both a natural occurrence and is partly responsible for memory loss. The damage caused to DNA as a result of free radicals ultimately results in cell mutations and cell death. Regular exercise participation may slow the destructive properties of free radicals and preserve brain function as one gets older. Researchers are hopeful that these results, although found in rats in this study, can also be observed in humans who have consistently exercised throughout their life. These findings were presented at the November Society for Neuroscience’s 35th annual meeting in Washington, D.C.
(Society of Neuroscience, Nov. 2005)



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