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One of my clients need for information regarding the nutritional benefits of eating breakfast each morning and the importance of the meal. He would also like to know what would be the outcome of missing breakfast each morning in order to loose bodyfat,and would it be bodyfat he was to loose or lean muscle. One last explanation he requires is how is the breakfast absorbed and utilised.


We knew "mom" would be right..that we should start the day with though we have a bit more to go on physiologically.  When we arise in the am, it is documented that for most of us our blood sugar is at the lowest point and having a meal/breakfast helps do exactly that -"break the fast" and help set the metabolic "temperature" for the day.

In studies of folks that do NOT eat breakfast vs. ones that do-it is shown the latter group has an easier time losing weight and maintaining good energy and good cognition throughout the WHOLE day. Yes, it appears that breakfast truly sets the stage and "stokes" the fire for the metabolism to remain at a level that is consistent with good calorie burn throughout the day. In folks that skip, it is been shown through studies that they actually do consume breakfast calories...just probably at the night before OR midafternoon....both more likely to be choices higher in fat/sugar that allows for the glycemic index to have a play in storing them as fat.

Our bodies are truly geared for activity and burning calories throughout the whole day..that is why an variation from this..sets the system up for a blunted metabolism. In some folks this is significant and dramatic in others, it is much more subtle and only OVER time do you see it affect weight loss (usually over 40 years of age). ALso in men, breakfast helps also set into rythm key hormones that facilitate lean body mass preservation etc... Interestingly for women, it helps set the hormones most associated with stress, so that they in fact handle stress better with breakfast on board.

Having said all this, caution must be given to the one that has not consumed breakfast for years and then starts. It takes up to two weeks for the body to re-calibrate its' blood sugar when breakfast is reintroduced....and then physiologically things will be well-tuned. During those first two weeks, the body prior had been used to running on a LOW blood sugar, it can get excited when blood sugar goes up and can work hard to bring it down (sometimes further down than necessary - to the point that this person is HUNGRIER than they ever remember in the AM...). Hang in there though... plan a snack for this until your body gets reset. Then you will see better alertness and weight management work well.

Breakfast calories usually clear the body within 3-4 hours-of course that depends on how much fat, carbohydrate and protein. A proper ratio of all three is ideal.

Patti Milligan

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